Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It's been eight years since Shen Wei and I made Body Study lll. I only decided a year ago, with great hesitation to look at the performance video from 2005 ... I am so glad that I finally got the courage to watch myself tackle this beast of a piece. 

My first thought was,  "what am I  waiting for?  I NEED to dig into this choreography again."

I could so clearly see all the work I had put into the challenge of becoming a "Shen Wei dancer" for that moment, and I was happy to feel such pride in my work. 

I remember how much Shen Wei and I loved working together, all those years ago. We each brought the other out of a comfort zone during the creation of this solo. It was the first and only time he has ever created for a dancer wearing pointe shoes, and the challenge and coordination of his movement was completely new territory for me to try and embody.  

That said, we have always greatly admired one another.  I think we get inspired by each other's energy and artistry, and we each have quite a perfectionistic streak. 

 I'll never forget him telling me that I blink too much while dancing ... And that his dancers don't blink!  :))) 

Today was our first day back in the studio together to work on shaping Body Study lll for our Guggenheim Works and Process performances which take place April 14 and 15. 

Shen Wei hadn't seen the piece in 8 years so it was a real surprise for him that I could show him the whole 6 minute solo.  Afterwards he said, " Soooooo good! ...Now we make even better! " 

It's nice to know that some things will never change.., we picked up right where we left off,  all those years ago. 


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