Monday, 24 September 2012

I Love set of pictures ... It makes me think of how strong I am ! 
It also makes me smile as soon as I see it because Alejandro and I had so much fun playing and coming up with ideas in the studio. We spent 21 hours labor day weekend working together at the Hubbard Street Studios in Chicago. We knew we had only 4 days to get to know each other and figure each other out artistically as much as we could so it was literally a creative crash course which ended up being more fun and invigorating than I could have ever hoped for ... We wound up making a supremely fun little dance,  just a few minutes long,  to get our piece on its path - we have a ton of other material to build on - for what it will eventually become, but to start we made one of the most fun and happiest little dance numbers I've ever experienced. 

- Wendy 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A few words from Wendy on her first day of work with Alejandro Cerrudo in Chicago.

Day 1 ... Got picked up at 9am by this tall, dark stranger at Chicago airport ... He was very shy and took amazing care of me, then he danced with me for 5 hours ..... We ended Day 1 laughing and trying crazy things - talking over ideas and sharing a few life stories ..... 
 New friends and artistic collaborators -
All in all,  it was a pretty awesome day !