Friday, 22 February 2013

What a thrill to read about all the huge and deserving recognition Kyle Abraham is receiving these days !  He's the REAL thing ... An A list artist who works from his heart. I always knew he was a special one with an extraordinary  voice. 

Glad to read that, like me,  he's the child of a basketball coach.,., Maybe we really will have some complimentary moves on the dance floor,  after all !  


Read Steve Sucato's article (Arts Air) about Kyle Abraham here.

Brian and I had a really great run of our piece today. Whenever he's in town we meet up and go thru the motions to keep our connection and the steps in our body. I definitely feel the work growing each time we get together... It's amazing how things start to gel and become solid over time. It also amazing  to feel our personal connection and our understanding of this particular piece evolving. The "process" is what I love most about dancing ~ the feeling of something flowering ~ it's truly the ultimate for me !


Thanks to our amazing photographer of the day, Jasper Shepard!