Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dear All, 

I am writing to let you know how incredibly lucky I feel to be connected and working with each and every one of you. I am so grateful and honored to have such a stellar group of artists, managers and presenters working with me. I am so grateful for your excitement and focus toward this project. What a fantastic feeling of joy filled energy I have already gotten from just the first few months of our process.

My guys... Brian, Alejandro, Josh and Kyle,  I love my time in the studio with each of you. I have such respect and awe for your artistry, and I love the unique chemistries we are each building together !

With this, I wanted to share the title I have chosen for the project. I am simply calling it Restless Creature. I have had the word "creature" in mind for years about this project because I look so forward to CREATE-ing something living and different and crackling with it's own personality, toward morphing myself, the best I can into each of your specific designs without fear or vanity. The word "restless" comes into the title because not only has that word described me to a tee for ALL of my life ( my mom first took me to a dance class at age 3 in hopes of finding an outlet for me ), but more importantly now because my creativity (body and soul) after 28 years as a ballerina is feeling this restlessness,  there is  a deep level of crazy/ beauty yet to be tapped in me :)
 I am ready to jump off the high dive with you into our Restless Creature

let the games begin! 
With love and admiration,